2017/2018 Best premium WordPress themes for portfolio website

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on 19.07.17

The main purpose of a portfolio website is to present yourself together with the best pieces of your work and accomplishments and reach out to the world to find new partners, customers and collaborations. WordPress is a great tool to easily create a professional portfolio website, and with the selection of best premium WordPress themes your site will look just amazing.

While content is undoubtedly the single most important element of your portfolio website, design also matters. More than that. Design is really important. That is why it is almost always a great idea to spend a few bucks and buy a paid WordPress theme that will offer you much more than the numerous free alternatives.

Here you can find the list of 5 of the best premium portfolio WordPress themes available in 2017, as well as the explanation of why I think they are worth your money.

Divi & Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes offer a package of 87 WordPress themes and 3 great plugins, but for sure the best and most well-known pieces of their line-up is the Divi theme and the Divi Builder. After making a purchase, you gain access to the entire collection of themes, but it can be said that most people use primarily these two items.

Divi elegant themes

Why? Well, they offer basically unlimited customization features and amazing functionality. The Divi theme is very simple after installation, but when you get to know all of its features and customization options in conjunction with the Divi Builder, you will know what you paid for. Yes, there are other WordPress themes that offer rich customization features, but with Divi you can customize virtually anything. With the Divi Builder, your portfolio website can look exactly the way you want it to look. 

There is one more difference between Elegant Themes and almost all other WordPress themes you can buy. You usually buy a license that allows you to use your theme only for one website. However, with Elegant Themes, you pay for the entire package and you can use it as many times as you want. You can pay either $89 yearly or get a lifetime access for $249. Because of this, Elegant Themes offer a great value to those who own multiple WordPress websites or plan to create numerous websites in the future.

Download Divi & Elegant Theme

PILE wordpress theme

If you want your work and yourself to really stand out, go ahead and give PILE a try. This premium WordPress portfolio theme is unlike any other. It is really daring theme that is a great fit for every agency, photographer, illustrator or any other kind of artist. Why? Just give it a try and you will understand it instantly.

What really helps this WordPress theme to stand out are its parallax scrolling capabilities. Yes, many themes offer regular parallax scrolling, where the background image moves at different speed than the content itself while scrolling. However, PILE allows parallax scrolling of the content itself. And it is amazing.

The PILE premium WordPress theme is sleek, modern and offers great functionality, but you will have to pay for it. This theme costs $225 for a single regular license. This price point is quite higher than the other themes, but if you can afford it, the experience is worth every penny.

Download PILE theme

Pile theme preview

Unique Porfolio Grid

Uncode - wordpress theme

Uncode is another great premium WordPress theme that comes pre-equipped with a variety of portfolio options. It is a versatile multipurpose WordPress theme with numerous portfolio layouts built in. In total, Uncode has over 40 website concepts you can choose from and easily import with just one click.

Page layouts can be created and customized using the built in Visual Composer plugin that has been tailored to work perfectly with the theme itself. Using Visual Composer with customized skin and added functionality, you can create your own and personal pages with ease.

The regular license for Uncode is sold for $59, which makes it more affordable then the two aforementioned WordPress themes, especially if you only plan to create one website.

Download Uncode theme


Kalium - wordpress theme

Kalium is another great premium portfolio WordPress theme. It features really clean and modern design and minimalistic frontend animations that create a very enjoyable browsing experience for the visitors of your website and your potential customers.

The theme itself lets you choose from over 30 portfolio item types and many built-in elements. What’s more, Kalium can be customized using the Visual Builder and two other premium WordPress plugins (Layer Slider and Revolution Slider) that are included in the price.

Kalium is sold for $60, which is a great value, especially when you consider you also get 3 premium plugins and 1 premium font included in the price.

Download Kalium theme

kalium theme

KON/CEPT - wordpress theme

KON/CEPT is a wonderful minimalistic and simple premium WordPress theme. The creators of this theme describe it as “a portfolio theme for creative people” and there is nothing in that expression to disagree with. KON/CEPT offers a great way for designers, photographers, illustrators and artists in general to showcase the best pieces of their work in a professional and tasteful way.

KON/CEPT is focused on minimalism and simplicity and it features an amazing masonry portfolio grid for you to showcase anything you want to. The grids of this theme’s masonry style portfolio items display are flexible and can be customized to your liking.

If you are looking for a really simple and easy-to-navigate portfolio theme, KON/CEPT is a great option for you. You can buy it for $59.

Download KON/CEPT theme

KON/CEPT theme


There is a plethora of premium WordPress portfolio themes for you to choose from. And that is a good thing. However, with the huge amount of options it can be really hard to make the final decision. That’s why I went out of my way to try to include only few of the best portfolio WordPress themes to make your decision much easier. Hopefully, you were able to choose the best option for you, and if not, there are many more for you to explore.

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