Effective Use Of Social Media In eCommerce

<a href='https://marketerhelp.com/blog/author/admin/'>Marek Lompart</a>Marek Lompart
on 15.05.18
 Social media presence also includes direct sales through some platforms, as well as having the necessary tools in place that let customers share products and recent purchases with their friends and followers with the click of a button.

Although it’s sometimes difficult to measure the concrete returns on the indirect aspects of using social media, such as the returns of asking questions and engaging in conversation with the audience, all of these components help build brand loyalty and the sense of community.

But when it comes to dealing with issues in customer care, the social media interactions are especially important in retaining customers and demonstrating a commitment in resolving all problems.

One of the most popular things that sellers share on social media is promotional posts. And the most basic question that needs to be asked here is why this promotion is being conducted and what is the end goal. Because a sale that’s aimed at clearing out stagnant inventory is going to have a different approach and a different goal compared to one that’s aimed at growing sales or rewarding loyal customers.

All social media platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest - allow great opportunities for promotion. Sellers are able to recreate their entire eBay or Amazon stores on Facebook and also sell their products there, without having to leave the platform.

You can take and share beautiful photos on Instagram and engage with your audience there. And you can share your products on Twitter and have the buyers make a purchase directly through the platform.

The opportunities are endless.

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