FBinvite - Google Chrome extension for inviting users from Facebook comments

<a href='https://marketerhelp.com/blog/author/admin/'>Marek Lompart</a>Marek Lompart
on June 14, 2017

Ever dreamed about a tool, that would let you invite dozens of people to your Page with two clicks? Well, you weren't the only one having that dream.

PeckaDesign, marketing agency from Brno, Czech Republic, came out with a Chrome plugin that lets you invite everyone who has liked your Page's posts, but not your Page.

Since many Pages get comments and share and emoticons, it happens quite often that even people outside the group of followers can see it. Until now, Page admins had to manually invite every...single...person.

With FBInvite, it's the name of the plugin, the process becomes more efficient.


Download the ZIP file HERE
Save it anywhere on your computer and unpack it
Open Google Chrome> Settings> Extensions
At the top, click "Developer Mode"
The entire downloaded and unzipped drag here - that add an extension to your Chrome
In the upper right corner you will see the FBInvite icon and you can start saving time

Click on your FB wall to the link that will show you the users who liked your post
You will see a dialog with a list of users (those who already liked your site and those who are not yet)
Go to the FBInvite extension and click the "+ Invite users"
Enjoy your free time 🙂

Step 1 (source - PeckaDesign)
Step 1 (source - PeckaDesign)
Step 2-3 (source - PeckaDesign)
Step 2-3 (source - PeckaDesign)

It will be interesting to watch how Facebook will react if this plugin becomes popular. If someone likes one of your posts, does that mean he should follow your Page? Is this a new way of getting followers?

Let's not waste time guessing and see what the future will bring.

Do you like FBInvite? Will you use it to expand your Page's reach? Let us know.

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