New Google Search Console Beta Displays up to 16 Months of Data

<a href=''>Maroš Gašparík</a>Maroš Gašparík
on 11.01.18

Google Search Console is a very useful tool for every online marketer and webmaster. It allows them to check the indexing status of their websites and optimise their visibility in Google search results. Up until now, it only displayed data from the previous 3 months.

But that is all set to change, at least according to the new beta version that displays data from up to 16 months. On top of that, there are more changes that might make this tool even more useful than it already is.

Google Search Console 16 months of results
Google Search Console results from a longer period of time

As you can see from the picture above, more than 3 months of data is being displayed. It's not full 16 months, because the website in question is not as old, but the difference is clearly visible.

Data from the same time period can also be used to take a better look at the changing positions and clicks associated with a specific keyword, just as the following picture shows.

Google Search Console Beta Keyword Clicks and Positions
Keyword positions and clicks in the new beta

On top of that, there is an improved segmentation of data and a useful feature to filter results by URL. You can also filter results by the landing page, with the specific keywords being easily accessible. But a better solution for segmenting keywords is the Serp console.

Take a look at the following picture. It shows a comparison between the last 6 months and the 6 months before that. Amazing, huh?

Google Search Results Compare View
A Google Search Console view comparing two time intervals of data

While these features are definitely great, not everybody can enjoy them just yet. The new functionality is available only to some accounts or for some websites at the moment, however, that might change in the near future. Check your account to see whether you are in or not.

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