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How to Post to Instagram from Desktop Quickly and Easily

How to post to Instagram from desktop
Written by Maroš Gašparík

Instagram is primarily a mobile app. It is meant to be used that way. That being said, you can access the platform, view and like the pictures, as well as comment on them easily from your desktop using any web browser.

However, there is one issue. You can’t upload your pictures to the platform using the desktop version of Instagram.

Well, not as easily anyway.

There are some tricks you can use to be able to do it.

Display the mobile version manually

The trick is to open the mobile version of Instagram using your desktop browser. If you do so, the “Upload” button will magically appear out of nowhere.

So, how can you do it?

Firstly, of course, you have to load the desktop version of Instagram. The second step depends on the browser you use.

Here is the solution for 3 of the most widely-used browsers out there:

  • Chrome: Right-click the site and select “Inspect”. A window with Instagram’s source code will show up. In the top-left corner of this window, you can see a Toggle device toolbar button. Click it and you are there.
  • Firefox: Press Control + Shift + M on Windows or Command + Opt + M on Mac.
  • Safari: Press Alt + Command + R and the Responsive Design Mode will show up. Select any mobile version and you will be able to upload.

Faster and easier solution – Vivaldi browser

Vivaldi is a fast web browser that aims to fulfil the needs of internet power users. It has many useful features, but to achieve what I want to talk about in this article you only need one of them.

Vivaldi allows you to add so-called Web Panels to your browser’s sidebar. Clicking the icon of any added website expands its mobile version and allows you to use it immediately.

Vivaldi browser UI

When browsing, available Web Panels are neatly stored in the left sidebar and just one click away.

That way, Instagram can always be only one simple click away and always ready to be launched without a struggle.

Since Web Panels launch mobile versions of websites, you will be able to upload to Instagram without putting in any additional effort.

Instagram upload button on desktop

An upload button is visible. Click it and upload your photos to Instagram.

Yes, if you are not using Vivaldi at the moment, you will have to add one more browser to the list of applications you use, but I personally think it is well worth it. Especially so if you have to work with Instagram daily as a part of your job.

There is, however, one downside. You cannot apply filters to photos you are uploading from desktop this way. If you don’t use filters anyway, you can simply ignore this.

Edit view without filters

As you can see, you cannot apply filters to content uploaded this way.

You can download Vivaldi at and give it a try.

How to Post to Instagram from Desktop Quickly and Easily
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