How to Solve the “Maximum Number of Ads Reached“ Problem on Facebook

<a href=''>Marek Lompart</a>Marek Lompart
on May 29, 2017

According to an official statement of a Facebook employee, the only solution is to delete some of the old ads to make room for the new ones.

Maximum number of 6000 ads reached
Maximum number of 6000 ads reached

Sure, that sounds simple, but it can be hard to. Okay, maybe not hard, but certainly time-consuming. Especially if you add tens of new ads every day. The solution of deleting old ads one-by- one is just not good enough.

I had to solve this problem for myself and I have found a good and easy solution. I created this step-by- step solution that will help you make the process of deleting old ads much easier and much faster. You don’t want to be deleting old ads for multiple hours, do you?

Solution: Filter out old ads by the budget spent

This is how I solved the problem of maximum number of Facebook ads reached and how you can solve it too:

  1. Open the list of Ad Sets. You could open the list of Ads, however, you want to delete a lot of them at once and you can only select 200 items at a time.facebook filter ad sets
  2. In the time filter, select “Lifetime”.
  3. Click “Search”, expand the filter and select “Lifetime spent”.facebook life time spent
  4. Select the option “is smaller than” and insert a value that is small enough for you, so that you select only the Ad Sets that are not important. Feel free to experiment with this value and find a number that works best for you.
  5. Select only the Ad Sets that are inactive, so that you don’t delete the new ones. Select Not Approved, Inactive, Not Delivering and Completed Ad Sets.
  6. Check the box in the top left corner to select all Ad Sets that match your criteria and delete them.facebook ad select all

You can only select and delete 200 items at once, but you can repeat this process as many times as you want. You can, of course, use these instructions to delete Ads or Campaigns. It all depends on how you created the ads in the first place.

I managed to delete over 1800 ads in under 10 minutes. I am sure that you can do it even faster, because you now have clear step-by- step instructions that I didn’t have.

Good luck 😉

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