Top viral video ads on Facebook in 2017 - these are our top 3 contenders!

<a href=''>Marek Lompart</a>Marek Lompart
on 08.01.18

Facebook belongs to the most visual places on the Internet. Not because of its creative formats, although they surely play a role, but because of its visually-oriented audience.

With the birth of inbound marketing, agencies, marketers, and companies flooded people with content that made them deaf to almost everything. Until Facebook realized it's time to force marketers to wrap their content in an attractive and appealing coat.

What you are about to see are the best videos that received the biggest rate of success and engagement among Facebook's wide audience.

When Taylor and Apple team up

Brands like Reebok or Nike, they surely know how to tell a story in every single channel they use. But what about Apple?

When you look at their video, with Taylor Swift as their main star, you don't see a celebrity. Just a person, who tries to listen to music while running on a treadmill. You see a problem that many people have. Just after the video gets to the point - Taylor falls off the treadmill - Apple serves you their new product.

What's so great about this video is that you are not even angry about their offer because they wrap it up in a funny and easy-to-digest video with a great superstar. Definitely sounds better than an article or an image.

Big up for an NGO

It's not usual that an NGO gets millions of views on its video. Usually, NGOs need to be very careful with what they share and how they do it, mainly because of the controversy surrounding the issues they talk about.
But what UNICEF did with their animated video showing the topic of the Syrian Refugee Crisis was simply beautiful.

unfairy tales UNICEF

From marketer's point of view, I would never suggest that animated videos (even in Ads) would find so much success on Facebook. But people perceive them surprisingly well.

What's tough about animated videos is that they need to feel natural - for your brand, for the message you're communicating and for the campaign. If you do a great job, you might get the same reaction as UNICEF - viral success.

There's no boring industry - ask Always

One of the main advantages of Always is that it can talk to its audience flawlessly. There's no doubt that even though the company's product has changed just a little bit over the years, girls and women still love the brand the same way.

When you have a look at the video Always dedicates to girls and emojis, you will understand how it is important to speak with the right voice - even in a video. Always tries to reach out to a younger audience and does it really well by smartly contrasting the opinions of young girls with the gender bias in emojis.

The video has everything - a story, a controversial topic and a concern that is more than real for their audience. See for yourself.

Video has been removed from youtube

How to make a good video?

There's no good answer that applies to every single brand.

But when you take a look at our 3 contenders, you see one strong element that's everywhere.

Apple, UNICEF and Always managed to bring their story-telling game to the top level. There's no single moment, scene or even a second that doesn't bring any emotions or doesn't push the story forward. There's always some sense of depth and fellowship.

So how to make a good video?

Make sure to have a great story in your hands and talk to your audience naturally. That way you can surely get the attention your work deserves.

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