Instagram influencers in company marketing 2018

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Step by Step Guide with Examples.


Let’s face it, influencer marketing is just starting and has already taken the marketing world with a huge blow. In this e-Book, you’re going to learn the most important things about Instagram and the skills your brand needs to find the right influencer, pay a fair price, measure success and finally, understand the whole Instagram-game on your own.

Here’s what you will learn in this eBook:

  1. How did Instagram influencers became a thing?
  2. Different types of influencer-brand collaborations
  3. What to double-check if you want to choose the right influencer
  4. Posting – best practices your company can use
  5. How to know if the influencer knows about your market
  6. How much will you spend on an influencer?
  7. Growing your follower base on your own – tips & tricks
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